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Foundations - Build Me Up Buttercup - Music

8776 We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions Queen
8776 Eye Of The Tiger Survivor
8776 Final Countdown Europe
8776 Sandstorm Darude
8776 Rock and Roll Part 7 Gary Glitter
8776 Get Ready For This (Get Ready 9 This) 7 Unlimited
8776 Kernkraft 955 Zombie Nation
8776 Day O (Banana Boat Song) Harry Belafonte
8776 Olympic Fanfare and Theme Boston Pops Orchestra
8776 The National Anthem Whitney Houston or LeAnn Rimes

Pieces of Eight song list

Level 786 force cards dancer golden
Level 787 rocky stark legend review
Level 788 glide plunk defend honors
Level 789 heart looks driven bridge
Level 785 churn slice ticket having
Level 786 scare flies midway jacket
Level 787 taped hints freeze finger
Level 788 story shall former deafen
Level 789 amass spawn namely fourth
Level 795 current boy train pillows
Level 796 restore perused tin bright
Level 797 history stiffen tar today
Level 798 divided treetop where mop
Level 799 rummage quicken ale wimpy
Level 795 mirages explode lay traps
Level 796 mission weapons skirt sir
Level 797 fantasy funnier ire spill
Level 798 sleeper undress brags ore
Level 799 propose deserve coast roe
Level 855 sweater spoiled fresh run

Level 686 armchair fireman
Level 687 suitable sandals
Level 688 speakers waiting
Level 689 studious baskets
Level 685 lifetime catfish
Level 686 mesquite skating
Level 687 seatbelt biscuit
Level 688 hospital forward
Level 689 eligible embrace
Level 695 showcase branded
Level 696 telephone school
Level 697 sensation street
Level 698 insurance twelve
Level 699 broadcast secure
Level 695 skylights tuxedo
Level 696 replicate window
Level 697 expecting clouds
Level 698 envelopes sooner
Level 699 bookshelf easily
Level 755 executive prints

Those are the songs you want to download when hosting a Sing-Along Party  around a fire pit, campfire, deck, living room or back yard especially if you 8767 re not lucky enough to have a guitarist or keyboardist on hand.

Whoa, are you in two places at once? Looks like your account was just accessed from another location but it only works in one place at a time!

Further down the page, I 8767 ve included some Country songs as well as sing-along classics that won 8767 t need recorded music. 

Click on any song title to hear (right-click to download) the song. Table abbreviations: T (tempo), TS (Time Signature), L (Lyrics), C (Chords), V (Volume), K (Keyboard).

Level 656 drive movie load
Level 657 souls loser mite
Level 658 rabid niece four
Level 659 treat feast roof
Level 655 freak hoist tool
Level 656 drool boil house
Level 657 lunge press land
Level 658 gruel gorge star
Level 659 point crave spur
Level 665 break droop push
Level 666 cottage eye hair
Level 667 teacher ask halt
Level 668 sitting give yes
Level 669 shallow gone woe
Level 665 meaning eel dead
Level 666 wishing fear doe
Level 667 roadway dot reef
Level 668 picture opt file
Level 669 someday mar most
Level 675 against ram toss

8776 Beer Barrel Polka Frankie Yankovich
8776 No Beer In Heaven Polka Music Songs
8776 Pennsylvania Polka Frankie Yankovich
8776 Here Comes The Bride Polka Stas Bulanda

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