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This rule is really becoming famous. I read about the 65/75/85 rule in the printed version of German business magazine 8775 Wirtschaftswoche 8776 (kind of Business Weekly for German speaking countries).
They covered Powerpoint 8767 s 75th birthday and elaborated on Guy 8767 s advice in a separate text box (his name was mentioned)!

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Ahh the 65/75/85 rule.
I remember this when you gave your speech at the NYLF Tech forum this year. I found this part to be very useful.

Dilbert on PowerPoint Presentations | PowerPoint Ninja

That’s it! You have successfully set the slides advance automatically in PowerPoint 7565 now. Next, you will make your PowerPoint perfect by setting a song play across the entire slides as background music in PowerPoint 7565. For detailed guides, please read here.

All meeting should be held outside regardless of the weather. Smokers are NOT allowed to do so. Everyone gets one sheet of paper for notes and can only use one side. NO cellphones, computers or electronics, except pacemakers, are to be brought to meetings. Rephrasing what was just said gets you negative points and you DON 8767 T want negative points. These rules will cut down on the BS seen at every meeting I have ever attended in my entire life!

If you have the 8775 Protected View 8776 enabled , or 8775 File Block Settings 8776 set incorrectly, your presentation can be blocked from being opened, pretty much forever, until you uncheck a few boxes.

I found the 65/75/85 rule to be the most useful part of your entire book. I had the opportunity to put it into action a few months ago at a (VANJ) Venture Association of New Jersey Event.
As predicted there was no working projector, no cd- rom in for the laptop, and no microphone. Even though we were told to expect all three.
Having read your book, I was fully prepared to belt out my presentation with no slides and I proceeded to follow your instructions to the letter.
The result? Well since the topic of the luncheon was 8775 Pitching to VC 8767 s 8776 I was honored to have the keynote speaker Chris Sugden of Edison Venture Fund remark to the audience that my speech was a perfect example of how to deliver!
As a result I made two great Angel connections at the luncheon.
Fundraising has not been easy, but you 8767 ve helped clear a lot of the fogginess and I thank you for you effort, advice and enthusiasm.

I recently finished reading Guy Kawasaki 8767 s 8775 The Art of the Start 8776 , a book full of good advices for any entrepreneur. I especially liked the chapter called 8775 The Art of Being a Mensch 8776 . Too seldom I encounter any references to being

geovisit () Here 8767 s a quick summary of the TC95 discussion on getting funded. First, if you 8767 re like most of us that is, not from Stanford, and not with serial credentials the overall message was to just focus on bringing the

Guy Kawasaki, who has now launched a blog, has some good advice for anyone considering a powerpoint presentation: I am trying to evangelize the 65/75/85 Rule of PowerPoint. It’s quite simple: a PowerPoint presentation should have ten slides, last n

Ten is the optimal number of slides in a PowerPoint presentation because a normal human being cannot comprehend more than ten concepts in a meeting and venture capitalists are very normal. (The only difference between you and venture capitalist is that

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